Tuesday 22 October 2019

Norway/Spain: Bane NOR and the Spanish infrastructure manager Adif are learning from each other

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On 14 October, Bane NOR and the Spanish rail infrastructure manager, Adif, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on exchange of experience. The agreement creates better opportunities for a closer and more flexible cooperation, mutual training within specific fields, joint workshops, study visits and technical assistance.

"We are very pleased that we have now achieved a formal agreement on cooperation and exchange of experience. In certain areas, we have a lot to learn from Adif, as e.g. ERTMS, where they have the largest network in Europe. Then there are also areas where Bane NOR has invaluable knowledge, e.g. tunnel drilling, where they have expressed the wish to learn more from us," said the CEO of Bane NOR, Gorm Frimannslund.

Adif is also eager to broaden its collaboration with Bane NOR and hopes it will help both parties to improve services to their customers.

"Through this agreement it will be easier to put experts from both companies within various fields in contact with each other. In other words, it is a win-win situation. We share common aims and challenges in our dayto-day operations, and in order to meet the customers’ expectations it is a good idea for infrastructure managers to exchange experiences," said Álvaro Mascaraque Sillero, International Organisations Manager in the International Directorate at Adif.

"We expect to learn from our Nordic colleagues within several fields. Environmental engagement, BIM modelling, how to operate railways in extreme weather conditions, construction of long tunnels and the liberalisation of the railway sector are just a few good examples of areas where we can learn more from Bane NOR," said Mascaraque Sillero.

"We have a firm belief in learning best practices across national boundaries, and we are looking forward to making use of the opportunities provided by the agreement," said Frimannslund.

(Source: Bane NOR)

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