Tuesday 29 October 2019

Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan freight stations accepting online applications for transport of goods

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Over 200,000 applications for goods transport were accepted for the first nine months of 2019 through the automated “Contractual and Commercial Work” ASU DKR management system at NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC. The system has been implemented at all 456 freight stations in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and around 37,000 customers are using it.

ASU DKR is a customer-oriented system. The whole process, from filing an application to processing a transport document, is fully automated and transparent, thus eliminating potential for corruption.

The system minimises paperwork with shippers and greatly simplifies work with customers. Shippers no longer need to spend time walking around containers and collecting signatures. Based on the applications received, KTZ carries out monthly and ten-day transport planning. The new system has reduced planning process time from 11 hours to five minutes for domestic shipments, and from two days to one hour for export shipments. The forwarding planning process has been reduced from two days to one hour.

Paperless technology is also being introduced in export and import communications. A process has been put in place to implement 100% electronic exchange of invoice data with Russian Railways. This process is used for rail transport between the member countries of the Agreement on International Railway Freight Traffic.

Cargo is sent using an electronic digital signature from the Kazakhstan station of Yekibastuz-2 to the Russian station of Maloreftinskaya, and in the opposite direction when empty. Over the last year, over 5,700 transport documents have been issued along the Yekibastuz to Maloreftinskaya route.

Transmission of data in the electronic consignment note has been tested with the Chinese railways. Data exchange will be launched in industrial mode when the relevant agreement has been signed.

(Source: KTZ)

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