Tuesday 10 December 2019

UIC-OSJD development of IRS held from 26 – 29 November 2019 in Paris

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Following UIC’s participation at the Annual Meeting of the 5th OSJD Commission (Infrastructure & Rolling Stock) held on 5 – 7 November 2019 in Warsaw, the meeting of technical experts of UIC-OSJD Joint Working Group (JWG) on IRS took place from 26 – 29 November 2019 in Paris. The meeting discussed and implemented plans of the conversion of joint UIC/OSJD leaflets into International Railway Solutions (IRS).

The meeting was attended by technical experts & representatives of VNIIZhT / Russian Railways (RZD) and the UIC Rail System department (RSD) & Standardisation Platform.

Breakthrough – development of first draft annex
On behalf of Mr Francois Davenne, UIC Director General, the UIC Standardisation Platform stressed the exceptional need for the synchronisation of UIC-OSJD activities on the proper technical solutions (including IRSs) to be further jointly developed by OSJD & UIC.

RZD/VNIIZhT & UIC RSD experts succeeded in developing over the four-day meeting the Technical Annex to the IRS 1501 “Rolling Stock Gauges” describing all technical parameters linked to rolling stock gauges applicable within OSJD-1520 area. Experts developed the upper and lower outline of the dimensions of the rolling stock allowed for circulation on the railway tracks of 1520 (1524) mm gauge and 1435 mm gauge of European and Asian countries. Experts discussed and decided on calculation methods (dynamic or static) to be used for the relevant types of gauges.

It should be noted that experts were confronted with complex English-Russian linguistic issues which required in-depth study and comparisons to be made between a number of technical features and adaptation of terminology.
UIC RSD is going to check the technical content of the draft annex before sending it for English proofreading. This task should be completed within a month, coordinated with counter partners from RZD/VNIIZhT and submitted afterwards to the UIC Train Track Interaction group (TTI) for technical approval as the annex to IRS.

Two meetings of the UIC-OSJD JWG on IRS are scheduled to be held from 14 – 16 January 2020 in Warsaw and 24 – 26 March 2020 in Brussels accordingly and have to be confirmed additionally depending on available documents.

For further information please contact Vytautas Kinderis, UIC Coordinator for Standardisation and East-West Relations:


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