Tuesday 4 February 2020

Kazakhstan: Technical reliability of the fleet of locomotives is at a high level

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In 2019, the locomotive repair programme was fully implemented. KTZ-Freight Transportation JSC owns more than 1,500 locomotives, including new series.

Their repair and maintenance, as well as the availability of a stock of components are provided by private service organisations (repair companies). Last year, over 8.8 thousand scheduled maintenance and repairs of main and shunting locomotives of various series were carried out. After major repairs, the service life of 54 electric locomotives of the VL-80 series was extended.

Last year, over 84 thousand freight cars were unhooked and sent for maintenance, which is 8% higher than the previous year. In 2018, over 77 thousand wagons were passed through the maintenance points of operational car depots. The reasons for the disconnection of cars from trains were malfunctions of wheelsets, bodies and more. In 2019, car unhooks decreased due to a malfunction of the coupler.

To improve the technical condition of locomotives and wagons on an ongoing basis, employees of KTZ-Freight Transportation JSC conduct audits on the quality of repairs. Locomotive Maintenance Points and service centers are being monitored to provide them with hand tools, measuring equipment and other equipment.

Inspector-repairmen of operational car depots on an ongoing basis are trained in the maintenance and troubleshooting of carriage nodes. On the basis of the branch of JSC NC KTZ Centre for the Assessment and Development of Rail Transport Personnel, a special programme for the advanced training of locomotive receivers of operational depots and the head of the Locomotive Maintenance Points section has been developed.

Locomotive crews inspect locomotives before travelling and at stops at railway stations, assess the conditions of attachment, critical assemblies, components and parts. Inspection of brake equipment, couplers, speed meters, automatic locomotive alarms, wheelsets.

The high level of technical reliability of the rolling fleet depends on the precise implementation of the train schedule, traffic safety, and railway transport performance.

(Source: KTZ)

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