Tuesday 25 February 2020

Kazakhstan: On the way to “zero injury”

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The seminar-meeting dedicated to improving the organisation of labour safety was held in the Directorate of the Backbone Network under the chairmanship of the Managing Director of Infrastructure - Director of the branch of the JSC NC KTZ-“Directorate of the backbone network” Bauyrzhan Urynbasarov. It dealt with the progress of the programmes: “Behavioural Security Dialogues”, “Stop Danger” and “Incidents Without Consequences” (Near Miss). These were launched in November 2019 by the Chairman of the Board of JSC NC KTZ Sauat Mynbayev at the opening of the first Industrial Safety Forum.

Marat Zhunusov, Director of the Department of Safety and Labour Protection, Industrial Safety and Ecology of the Main Network Directorate, noted that improving labour protection at the enterprise does not necessarily mean an increase in costs.

More importantly, the administration acts consciously, provides consistent leadership and creates an atmosphere of trust and open interaction at all levels of the company. Success or failure in implementing the “zero injury” strategy will ultimately depend on the commitment of managers, the motivation of managers and employees, as well as their vigilance,” said Marat Zhunusov.

Each year, the Directorate of the Backbone Network allocates significant funds to increasing the level of industrial safety. Pointing to the basic principles for improving the labour protection system, the speakers called on the heads of the main network departments to make every effort to successfully complete the tasks for 2020.

In addition, the Director of the Department of Occupational Safety and Ecology of the company Askhat Sariev and the chief manager of the Department, Galina Astapenko, spoke at the event.

Also, as part of the workshop, a personal obligations signing ceremony was held.

(Source: KTZ)

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