Tuesday 24 March 2020

Czech Republic: Due to Covid-19, any cross-border and long-distance international passenger railway transport has been stopped as of 14 March

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Dear passengers,

In relation to the Government’s Resolution from 12 March 2020 by which the Government pursuant to Art. 5 and 6 of Constitutional Act No 110/1998 Coll., on the Safety of the Czech Republic, announced a state of emergency for the territory of the Czech Republic for reason of danger to health in connection to a confirmed occurrence of coronavirus – designated as SARS CoV-2 – on the territory of the Czech Republic and pursuant to Art. 5 letter a) - d) and Art. 6 of Act No 240/2000 Coll., on crisis proceedings and amendment of some Acts (Crisis Act) as amended, decided to deal with a crisis situation and to adopt measures of crisis. Thus, pursuant to the provisions of Art. 6 paragraph 1 letter b) of the Crisis Act:

The Government forbids:
any transport of passengers across the border of the Czech Republic to all carriers of international passenger railway transport, effective as of 14 March 2020 from 00:00 am.

This decision of the Government of the Czech Republic orders all carriers in international passenger railway transport to exclude transport of passengers across the border of the Czech Republic, effective as of the date mentioned above. Trainsets running from and to neighbouring countries can ensure transport of passengers on a domestic line section.

Carriers in international passenger railway transport having their seat in the Czech Republic as well as carriers having their seat outside the Czech Republic are allowed to carry their empty trainsets without passengers into/outside the Czech Republic.
Správa železnic will inform passengers by bulletin boards at railway stations, according to time possibilities by repeated exceptional operative station radio announcements or by publishing this text on information boards.

By decision of the Slovak Republic Crisis Headquarters, railway transport between Slovakia and the Czech Republic has already been stopped since the morning of Friday 13 March.

Správa železnic ensures increased exceptional cleaning and disinfection at its railway stations, both in public areas and in the social facilities. Up to this day, it has installed 272 disinfection racks/wall disinfections at 202 railway stations. In particular these are stations in regional capitals and in the capital city of Prague, or stations near the state border with higher frequency of passengers. Information boards with instructions and information related to the spread of Covid-19 on our territory are situated at railway stations.

(Source: SZDC)

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