Tuesday 31 March 2020

South Korea: KORAIL’s fast response to Covid-19

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UIC has shared the novel coronavirus countermeasures and best practice of international railways with its members around the world on the website by consolidating its COVID-19 task force which was launched on 5 March.

Accordingly, Korea Railroad (KORAIL) has played its prime role as the official member of UIC by spreading the proactive and effective measures with UIC to combat the virus.

Since the February outbreak, KORAIL has been fully operating its trains, making a loss due to a 30% drop in number of passengers compared to a normal year. It has been taking various measures to ensure the safety of passenger.

KORAIL frequently disinfects highly-affected areas and trains more than twice a day, allocates window seats first as an effort to distancing between passengers, and doubles unreserved seats (increased from 194 to 374). It also makes hand sanitisers available at major stations and make regular announcement on trains and in the stations for passengers’ safe and comfortable journey. It also offers free rides on all types of trains including high speed trains (KTX) to health care professionals such as doctors and nurses who voluntarily helps patients in the Korea’s hardest-hit regions, Daegu and Gyeongbuk.

These customer-centred pre-emptive systems have contributed to stop the coronavirus epidemic, setting an excellent example as a transparent and stable response. These efforts will be helpful to other countries to curb the spread of the infection.

Marc Guigon, director of the UIC’s task force, said, “Thank you for sharing the best practices and ideas of Korea Railroad, and we hope to be able to cope wisely with the coronavirus crisis in the railway industry by making joint efforts with railway operators around the world.”

(Source: KORAIL)

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