Tuesday 28 April 2020

Austria: Rail Cargo Group’s China transport is on the increase

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Rail freight transport to and from China can start moving again. Our TransFER connections can guarantee direct links to the Ports for imports and exports with short transit times.

The low number of new infections in China means that the flow of goods can start moving again and transport services for supplies to and from China can be resumed. The first steps for removing the restrictions placed on the population and on industry allow businesses to ramp up industrial production and in turn, deliveries to Europe can start picking up pace again.

The Rail Cargo Group’s direct rail connections ensure that supplies are secured; they support local businesses in China as well as Austrian companies and healthcare facilities with imports and exports. The Silk Road’s link to the RCG’s dense, high-performance network guarantees fast transport services and efficient onward distribution in Europe.

TransFER connections to and from China
The direct rail connection between China, Austria and Italy has been one of the Rail Cargo Group’s focal points for a number of years, and transactions can be completed within 14 to 16 days via the TransFER Xi’an–Vienna–Milan.
A transit time of only 12 to 14 days makes the high speed TransFER Jinan–Budapest from China to Hungary via Ukraine the fastest direct import connection on the Silk Road.

In addition, the Rail Cargo Group’s TransFER Budapest–Xi’an offers a transport solution between China and Hungary via Poland, with goods reaching their destinations in 17 to 19 days.

(Source: Rail Cargo Group)

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