Tuesday 19 May 2020

China: CR Wuhan Group Co., Ltd. takes practical measures for regular epidemic revention and control

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During the May Day holiday, China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd. insisted on the regular epidemic prevention and control, and accurately increased the effective supply of passenger transport resources.

By vigorously implementing the “railway+tourism” strategy, it had provided scenic spot information and advisory services on the trains, set up tourism promotion desks and posters at stations, strengthened cooperation with local tourism authorities, and provided convenient transfer services, so as to ensure the safe and convenient travel of passengers.

China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd. has strengthened its regular epidemic prevention and control work. It continued to take measures such as selling tickets of scattered seats, ventilation and disinfection of stations and trains, temperature taking of passengers when checking in and out, provision of meal delivery services, and setting up of emergency isolation seats.

It had implemented grid disinfection system for key places and regions in passenger stations, provided all-around thorough disinfection in public places such as waiting rooms, platforms, ticket gates, ticket offices, toilets, etc. on a daily basis, and provided regular preventive disinfection for equipment and facilities frequently contacted by passengers such as door handles, elevator handrails, seats and the like. Party member volunteers provided services such as ticket purchasing (picking up) guidance and travel and transfer guidance at the station entrance, ticket selling hall, waiting room, etc. and maintain the order of boarding-alighting.

Hankou Station allocated intelligent disinfection robots in security inspection area for continuous disinfection. Ezhou Station allocated “China Health Cabin” for rapid disinfection and sterilization. Wuhan Station added automatic thermometer and provided disinfectant in the places such as ticket vending machines, toilets and waiting rooms. Wuchang Station opened self-service ticket selling (picking up) machines and a ticket selling windows at intervals, and set up medical posts with medical staff on duty 24 hours a day.

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