Tuesday 19 May 2020

Spain: European railway museums unite to face a new period

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European railway museums have started a collaborative action process aimed at showing the beneficial role that these spaces can play, in the social and cultural spheres, within a context of coexistence with Covid-19.

The first of the actions has consisted of writing and disseminating a Manifesto, which will be made public on 18 May, coinciding with the celebration of the International Museum Day. The document emphasises the peculiarity of these museum spaces that establish a vital link between railways and society.

Large centres, conducive to generating healthy environments that promote well-being and can help alleviate the physical and psychological effects generated by the pandemic.

Among the objectives included in the Manifesto are the interest in contributing to the recovery of cultural activity in Europe and in establishing joint strategies for action. Partnerships that promote reflection on the value of this heritage in relation to technological, economic and social development in the past, present and future of this mode of transport, as well as contribute to ensuring that European citizens keep trusting and the role it plays for mobility throughout the continent.

The Manifesto, to which the main European railway museums and transports and communications museums have joined, is also supported by other institutions, heritage departments of railway companies and international associations of museums, railway history and transport in general.

Click here to read the manifesto: https://uic.org/com/IMG/pdf/manifesto_european_railway_museums_updated_20200518.pdf

(Source: FFE)

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