2nd UIC Asia-Pacific Photo Contest

Photo Contest Voting Process:

We invite you to vote for the photo you have chosen!
For the second time, UIC is organising a photo contest for the UIC Asia-Pacific members.

Prizes will be awarded to the best, most attractive or most amazing pictures of stations, rolling-stock, infrastructure, passengers or staff, to be voted by 5,200 e-News readers.
A calendar will be printed for the year 2017 with the twelve best photos.
You will find below an array of photos that we have received, and we invite each reader to vote for the one they like best in terms of originality, representativeness, artistic quality, etc.

In order to vote, please put the number of your favourite photo in the box below. (Please click on the photos in the gallery below to see the numbers.)

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Tuesday 6 September 2016