Call for abstracts, ILCAD 2019

ILCAD 2019 International Conference will be hosted by the Dutch railway infrastructure manager, ProRail, on June 6, 2019, in Amersfoort, Netherlands.

ILCAD is a joint commitment that began in 2009 with ELCAD (EU countries + Israel). Since then, UIC has been coordinating this worldwide event to raise public awareness about the dangers at level crossings.

ILCAD, spearheaded by the UIC draws railway industry representatives, road authorities, academics and more from around the world - aims to raise awareness about the dangers associated with the road/rail interfaces (level crossings).

This international conference on 6 June will be preceded by a social event on 5th in the evening and followed by a technical visit on 7th June 2019.
The conference will take place only in English; it will be recorded and available on

Many issues will be looked at, in particular “professionnal drivers" of trucks, buses, coaches, taxis, industrial and farming vehicles. Your paper should be linked to the 2019 topic.

For the 2019 edition we are currently seeking abstracts related to:

  • Technology – Innovative technologies that can improve safety at level crossings or help users crossing safely
  • Land planning
  • Inspection, risk assessment
  • Human factors and users’ behaviour,
  • Investigation
  • Education and Awareness measures
  • Enforcement measures
  • Cooperation between the railways and other sectors (road infrastructure managers, road safety advocates, local authorities, federations of professional drivers, users’ associations, international organisations…).

For any further information please contact:

  • Mrs. Isabelle Fonverne at UIC: International Union of Railways:
  • Mr. Erwin Woord at ProRail:

If you wish to submit an abstract, please fill in this form:

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Friday 25 January 2019