Call for papers ILCAD 11 June 2020

ILCAD 2020 Campaign and Launch conference on 11 June

This year the 2020 conference and worldwide campaign will focus on how a person’s behaviour affects the way they use and interact with a level crossing.
The theme will be: “Beware the Bubble”.
We want people to understand when they risk being “in their bubble” so they can burst it and see the dangers and risks more clearly.
It concerns all kinds of level crossing users:

  • People being distracted by their daily life (mobile phones, appointments, school, work, worries),
  • Risk takers, people who want to make their own rules, rule breakers, opportunists or “Think-Laters”.

Your paper should be linked to the 2020 theme before mentioned. We are currently seeking abstracts related to:

  • Innovative solutions
  • Education and Awareness measures
  • Enforcement measures
  • Research on Human factors and users’ behaviour
  • Cooperation between the railways and other sectors (road infrastructure managers, road safety advocates, local authorities, users’ associations, international organisations…).

that contribute to improve safety at level crossings, help users bursting their bubble and cross safely.

To send your paper, use this form:

For any further information, contact:

  • Mrs. Isabelle Fonverne

    Senior Advisor Safety at UIC

  • Mr. Robert Wainwright

    Head of Level Crossings at Network Rail

  • Mrs. Stephanie Daniels

    Team Organiser to Head of Corporate Passenger & Public Safety at NR

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Wednesday 4 March 2020