Circular Economy Sector Member survey

Help shape the CE sector work programme

Dear Colleague of the Circular Economy Sector,

As a follow-up on the Circular Economy Sector kick-off meeting of 27 May, where key topics and main goals for the Circular Economy Sector were collected by means of online polls, the CE sector co-chairs have drafted a short survey.

Would you be so kind as to filling in the questionnaire with the relevant circular economy contact person details in your company and indicate other CE relevant information to help shape the CE Sector work programme.

Deadline for providing your input is 6 September.

For more information, please contact

If the reply to the previous question is 'yes', please specify the definition of circular economy that is applied by your company

Indicate target year and some explanation on the processes that are in place in your company and how this will be achieved

Specify the indicators used by your company to measure circularity

Specify the other groups you are/your company is a member of in the circular economy sector

Indicate your expectations from this working group

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Wednesday 21 July 2021