HS Beijing

May 2016

After near two decades of strong technology research and development process and 8 more years of an impressive expansion of the PDL (“Passengers Dedicated Lines”), rolling stock acquisition, construction of impressive stations, etc., the main actors involved in this process, NRA (National Railways Administration) and CR (Chinese Railways), are pointing their efforts in improving and adapting the capacities to a new concept of service.

This is because, in cooperation with the UIC, NRA organizes, in the frame of APRA (Asia Pacific Regional Assembly) a workshop dedicated to Safety and Quality Standards of High Speed Rail.

This will be the third UIC-High Speed Interaction workshop organized in cooperation with APRA, with the aim of sharing the different experiences on High Speed, in order to improve the existing HSR services and to help the development of new systems in the Region.

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Monday 29 February 2016