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#MoreTrains was launched at COP27 to share the vision of the sector of sustainable mobility of the future and it is coordinated by the International Union of Railways (UIC).

Rail companies continue to raise the bar- the #MoreTrains campaign highlights the work that rail companies are doing towards efficient and resilient railways, contributing to the achievement of the Paris Agreement and UN SDGs. This campaign builds off the UIC Vision 2030 and brings together success stories from rail around the world under the four key transformational areas : transforming cities and connecting communities, energy, technology and innovation, intermodality and seamless connection, and customer experience.

Decarbonization of transport can go even further - rail is already the most electrified mode of transport and offers high-volume transport for people and goods, at the lowest level of emissions. With the support of appropriate policy and finance, we can maximize the benefits that rail can offer. #MoreTrains calls for policymakers, businesses, innovators, financial institution, civil society, among others to :

  • Include rail in long-term policy commitment and planning, such as Nationally Determined Contributions
  • Adopt fair market competition practices that prioritize the low-carbon modes of transport, through appropriate push and pull mechanisms
  • Incentivize investment and promote finance to flow into rail expansion and improvement, with view to the wider socioeconomic and environmental benefits that rail can offer

Modal shift is key - yet, it is not at the heart of the transport policy and priorities. According to SLOCAT, the ASI approach follows an implicit hierarchy, with appropriate and context-sensitive Avoid measures intended to be implemented first, followed by Shift measures and finally by Improve measures. This prioritisation can help reduce environmental impact, improve access to socio-economic opportunities, increase logistics efficiency, reduce congestion, improve air quality and increase road safety. Growing evidence shows that Avoid and Shift strategies can account for 40-60% of transport emission reductions, at lower costs than Improve strategies.

#MoreTrains welcomes endorsement from a diverse global community, encompassing national and local governments, businesses, innovators, industry, financial institutions, international organizations, among others. We need your support to call on governments to prioritize rail as a climate solution and unlock its full potential ! To register your organization as a supporter, please fill out the form below :

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jeudi 14 septembre 2023