UIC Noise and Vibration Sector

NOVITA project - Actions

Actions taken following the UIC NV Sector meeting held on 18-19 October

NOVITA project - Actions

Survey for ARR WG

-  Questionnaire for State-of-the-Art Mitigation measures vibration by SBB
SBB is currently working on a state-of-the-art report regarding ground borne vibration and ground borne noise. One focus of this report shall be state-of-the-art knowledge about mitigation measures, their development history and applicability (in Switzerland).

UIC invites vibration experts to send their answers to the following questions by 23/11 to our email address

- Link from the UIC Extranet for the questionnaire: SBB Questionnaire

  • Question 1: The vibration mitigation measures that are “state of the art” for open track incl. switches in their country.
  • Question 2: Which measures are under current investigation to get enough validity for ordinary implementation.
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Thursday 10 November 2022