RIDE2RAIL Transferability Workshop

23 November 2022 - UIC Paris and Online

The RIDE2RAIL project facilitates the efficient combination of flexible (private car) and scheduled transport (train, tram, bus) services, enhancing the performance of the overall mobility system. The software components, developed within the project and within Shift2Rail projects, are integrated into existing collective and on-demand transport services, connecting and reinforcing the multi-modal mobility offer especially in rural and low-demand areas and contributing to MaaS implementation.

RIDE2RAIL promotes an effective Ride Sharing practice of citizens, making it a complementary transport mode that extends public transport networks.

RIDE2RAIL is testing in 4 real demonstrators Athens, Padua, Brno and Helsinki a set of software components for the Shif2Rail IP4 ecosystem, including a Driver Companion App, allowing drivers to offer seats in their cars and a Travel Companion capable of categorizing and ranking travel offers according to user preferences. An analysis of user preferences has been carried out by project partners and is used to support the categorization of travel offers.

The workshop, organised by the RIDE2RAIL project, will allow your city experts to learn more about the demonstrators and to receive feedback from demo leaders, learning what has been performed in each demo site and the outcomes of the different experiences.

The workshop is taking place on 23rd November 2022 in Paris UIC and online.

For more information, contact us:
👉 d2d@uic.org and visit ride2rail.eu



At UIC HQ, 16 rue Jean Rey, 75015 PARIS
And Online on Zoom



- PDF - 190.9 kb


14:00–14:10 | Welcome

14:10–14:30 | RIDE2RAIL Presentation

14:30–14:50 | RIDE2RAIL Driver Companion Application

14:50–15:10 | Travel Companion Personal Application and IP4 ecosystem

15:10–15:20 | Pause

15:20–15:35 | Athens RIDE2RAIL Demo site feedback

15:35–15:50 | Helsinki RIDE2RAIL Demo site feedback

15:50–16:05 | Brno RIDE2RAIL Demo site feedback

16:05–16:20 | Padua RIDE2RAIL Demo site preparation

16:20–16:30 | Q&A

16:30 | Closure of the RIDE2RAIL workshop


For more information, contact us at d2d@uic.org and visit ride2rail.eu

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Thursday 8 September 2022