Tourism on Railways Workshop

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 - UIC Headquarters, Paris

TopRail Workshop

The governance of transportation services requires consensus that is essential for the image of countries as well as the tourism and railway industries. It is crucial to improve communication between stakeholders and promote collaboration on an international level.

The Workshop will address new tourism trends and to provide an overview of the different dimension of railway tourism projects:

Sustainable tourism: well-designed and well-managed railway tourism products are related to the three pillars (social, environmental, economic) of sustainable development and can contribute to sustainable tourism challenges.

Regional development: railways have always been closely linked to regional development. This approach will provide insight into the impact of accessibility in tourist destination choices and the importance of partnerships in the creation of successful tourist railway projects.

Heritage protection: by protecting heritage we recognise its importance. Railway tourist projects are at the core of enabling an increased knowledge of nature and railway heritage.

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Monday 9 May 2016