[TRAIN 2B EQUAL] Gender equality in rail hiring and work environment - Online Workshop

13 June 13:00 - 15:30 (CEST)

Advance Your HR Practices for Gender Equality in Rail!

Join us for the last edition of the Train2BEqual public workshops, a UIC project initiative focused on achieving gender equality within the rail industry. This workshop will deep dive into the critical link between HR practices and fostering gender equality in the workplace and includes a short training session with HR experts at FS Italiane. We’ll explore how strategic HR initiatives can be implemented throughout the employee journey, from attracting and recruiting women as top talent to developing and retaining them through training and talent management programs.

  • Learn practical strategies to implement effective HR practices that attract, retain, and empower female talent within your organization.
  • Gain insights from an exclusive diversity & inclusion training on “Shedding light on behaviours in both recruiting and in the workplace” by HR experts at FS Italiane
  • Participate in an interactive Q&A to address your specific questions and engage with a global network of professionals.

Draft Agenda:

  • Welcome and Introduction (UIC)
  • Keynote presentation (TBC)
  • UIC members (CFL, OBB, FGC, and others)
  • Insights from academia and beyond
  • Training session: “Shedding light on behaviours in both recruiting and in the workplace” by FS Italiane


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Wednesday 29 May 2024