Webinar on UIC Technical solutions for the operational railway

5 February 2021

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As the main technical body serving not only railway operators, but the entire community of railway stakeholders, including research centres and universities, UIC is a natural forum for bringing together all stakeholders and for developing collaborative global solutions.

"UIC Technical solutions for the operational railway", ranging from architecture to financial arrangements, provides an overview of the main achievements and developments in UIC. Depending on one’s different interests, it will give a summary description of operational solutions suited to market needs.

During this webinar, UIC will present a number of solutions with global reach, in the fields of Telecom and modelling, Passengers, Freight, Safety & Security, Carbon Neutrality, by inviting a UIC representative as well as giving the floor to one of UIC’s Members as well as to a partner.

Because ultimately it is very rewarding to present UIC technical solutions to actors who find them useful.

And because UIC cultivates the triptych "Open-share-connect".

Programme and registration soon available


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Tuesday 15 December 2020