Energy and Electric Traction Experts Group

Project information

  • Energy and Electric Traction Experts Group
  • Project director: Christian Chavanel
  • Project manager: Alain Sherrer
  • Status: ongoing project
  • Project code: P000261

Project description

Energy & Electrical Traction Group (E&ET) aims to provide railway infrastructure managers with guidelines for the administration, organisation and supervision of fixed installations. To better provide feedbacks on system design, architectures and maintenance, new technological applications, areas of improvement in normal operation and causes of accidents will be associated with the different sub-systems. The evaluation of the electrification system is based on uniform criteria and common objectives.Main failures classification, statistics and relative database are under identification and analysis, as well as the data that should be examined to manage the electrification system events. Further work in the domain of E&ETE is the definition of common rules to assess the availability/reliability of supply installations and avoid black out of the networks. A new task is related to the optimisation of the Energy network in conjunction with the traffic operation management in order to provide tools to implement the energy saving requirements targeting 2020 and 2050. The Group is in charge of preparing International Railway Standards and UIC leaflets on process, systems, techniques and components on fixed installations and will also continue acting as advisory panel and mirror group with research projects and cooperating with other standardisation organisation as well as reviewing UIC leaflets and/or of the other standards, in order to coordinate the matter and avoid double work.

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Friday 1 January 2010