RailTopoModel (ERIM)

Project information

  • Acronym: RTM
  • RailTopoModel (ERIM)
  • Project director: Christian Chavanel
  • Project manager: Jean-Michel Evanghelou
  • Status: ongoing project
  • Project code: P000199

Project description

Rail infrastructure data is as much an important source of knwoledge as it is a cost driver. Infrastructure data are used for a variety of purposes, linked with operations (technical compatibility with vehicles), territorial development (see INSPIRE Directive), rail operating companies purchases and asset management, regulatory needs (see RINF Decision, or SERA Directive 2012/34), etc. In the past, the different information needs led to setting up different ad hoc data set that were fit for purpose but mutually incompatible and often inconsistent.

The purpose of the ERIM activity, in 2014-2015, was to define a single infrastructure data model (called Rail Topo Model). Its key features are accurate topological representation (correct location and distance information, unequivocal possibility to run from A to B), and scalability (e.g. corridor / line / track / trackside component views, according to purpose). Obviously, the added value is the reduction of data repositories, and the ensured consistency of data.

We will further extend the model with 1) signalling and interlocking concepts, 2) accessibility concepts (in the sense of accessibility to people with reduced mobility), opening the door to facilitated intermodal data exchange ; 3) integrating economic concepts into the model (costs, lifetime, wear & tear rules).

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Tuesday 1 January 2008