UIC Control App

Start: 2016-01-1

End: 2016-12-31

Project code: 2016/PAS/518

Project director: Ignacio BARRON DE ANGOITI

Project manager: Luis CASADO

The UIC Control barcode reader App is designed to control any UIC Ticket Barcode on Android mobile device (smartphone or tablets).
The benefits are:

  • The control App is a Proof of Concept for part of UIC URT specifications and for UIC TAG barcodes definitions.
  • UIC headquarters could promote its standards and “know how” in conferences and seminars in a tangible style.
  • UIC Ticketing groups could verify the theoretical propositions and to check barcodes created by RU’s.
  • UIC Railway companies would be free to reuse the code in their own specific software for their own control devices.

The App should read as well the existing UIC 918-2v3 barcodes as the new, to be developed, variable size, variable content, structured data based AZTEC barcodes. There could be the possibility to read UIC 918-3 DST AZTEC barcodes and the UIC PDF 417, giving the possibility to read all 2D railway barcodes used in UIC context. The app should also integrate the UIC Railways Barcodes Public Keys XML file stored on the UIC PKMW application.

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Friday 1 January 2016