Upgrading and Updating the UIC Standard 413

Start: 2015-01-1

End: 2016-12-31

Project code: 2015/PAS/430

Project director: Ignacio BARRON DE ANGOITI

Project manager: Marc GUIGON

The proposed project will be as follows over the two next years:
Revision of the International Railway Standard 413 which concerns the signage and the information for the clients in the stations including new information technologiy intended for worldwide guidance. Some standards can be proposed, taking into account the current supports.
Revision sought is not just an update, (first edition 1960, last revision 2008), but is considering a new approach, involving not only signing at trains or stations, but including new information technologies to satisfy Customer needs, and new technical and scientific approaches intended for worldwide guidance. Specific objectives for the new standard are:

  • To include new technology, recognising that printed elements are declining
  • To preserve classic signage & wayfinding items
  • To be open to discussion & participation from different sectors / regions
  • To be flexible for accommodating diverse present rail networks status
  • To include UIC default signage libraries or new technologies applications
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Thursday 1 January 2015