Commuter and Regional Train Services

Start: 2015-01-1


Project code: 2015/PAS/431

Project director: Marc GUIGON

Project manager: Vanessa PEREZ

The purpose of CRTS is to obtain a continuous best-practice overview of operating passenger railways in regional and metropolitan areas, how to manage huge passenger flows and to satisfy customer expectations and how to manage cross border services. Moreover, consideration shall be given to financing and investment practices as well as on different forms of relationships between service providers / transport undertakings on the one side and public authorities / client bodies on the other. Given the fact that 80% of railway passengers in the world are commuters, and most countries offer these systems as a public service, CRTS can be seen as a worldwide project that can help operators and infrastructure managers to provide a better service.

This Group meets regularly (2/3 times per year) and mostly the members have made presentations of their own organisation. It is a way to allow to put in contact European and Asian commuter and regional systems, so companies involved can profit from the experience of the others.

The members consider that the group should be enlarged and new subjects have to be deepened in order to provide a better service.

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Thursday 30 August 2018


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