CYbersecurity in the RAILway sector

CYRail project has received funding from the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730843 addressing the topic "Threat detection and profile protection definition for cybersecurity assessment.

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CYRAIL project Objectives

The main technical objectives are:

  • To perform an exhaustive cyber security assessment of the Railway systems focusing on the most critical railway services, zones and communications
  • To deliver a taxonomy of threats targeting rail management and control systems capable of classifying, describing and analysing cyber-attack threats;
  • To assess and select innovative rail management systems attack detection techniques;
  • To specify countermeasures and mitigation strategies for improved quality levels;
  • To describe resilience mechanisms for operational safety;
  • To specify protection profiles with evaluation of assurance levels.


Railway infrastructures are moving towards more intelligent, connected, usercentric
and collaborative systems. While they bring many advantages for the
industry and users, they also pose new opportunities for cyber-criminals and

In this context, CYRAIL is a collaborative project funded by the European
Commission as part of the call for proposals under the Shift2Rail programme for
Rail Research and Innovation (R&I), addressing the topic “Threat detection and
profile protection definition for cybersecurity assessment”.

An analysis of threats targeting railway infrastructures will be developed as well
as innovative, attack detection and alert techniques. Adapted mitigation plans and
countermeasures will be defined, taking into account their potential impact on
operations. Protection profiles for railway control and signalling applications will be
delivered to ensure security by design of new rail infrastructures.

Benefits for rail

CYRAIL will have a significant impact on enhancing the operational security level of the different rail segments and the robustness of the railway information, control and signalling sub-systems.
With the challenge of boosting innovative and cost-efficient technologies and system for railway signalling, traffic control and automation with an ever increasing reliance on communications technologies, CYRAIL will contribute to the prevention of cyber-attacks, improving the operational security level of the different rail segments


1 October 2016 - 30 September 2018


6 partners from 5 countries (DE, FR, PT, ES, SE) :

  • Leadership: EVOLEO Technologies LDA ,Portugal
  • Partners:
    • Jakintza Lanezko Ikerkuntza Investigación Universidad Empresa, EUSKOIKER, Spain
    • Fortiss GmbH, Germany
    • International Union of Railways, UIC, France
    • AIRBUS Defence & Space, France
    • ATSEC Information Security AB, Sweden
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Saturday 1 October 2016