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GRAFFOLUTION is a research project in the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7-SEC), 6th transport call published in July 2012.


Graffolution aims at building an innovative dual web-based awareness and prevention framework which involves local experts and stakeholders as well as sprayers and citizens to act together against graffiti vandalism. The framework contributes to raise the awareness on illegal graffiti and its negative consequences on individuals and the whole community.

Stakeholders such as cities, public transport services and law enforcement agencies will be enabled to share their knowledge and learn from each other to setup or adjust their graffiti vandalism prevention strategies based on reliable data and approved methods. Stakeholder collaboration and information exchange will be enforced on a national and pan-European level. The Graffolution project also places emphasis on the support of the whole community to build up access to successful alternatives for adolescents and young adults to live out their creativity without damaging public or private property.


31 March 2014 - 28 February 2016


Leadership: SYNYO GmbH, an SME based in Vienna, Austria
Partners: University of Barcelona (Spain), University of Arts London (UK), Sine –Institute gGmbH (Germany), Ferroccarrills de La Generalitat de Catalunya, London Borough of Islington and UIC.

Involvement of UIC security divison for rail

UIC is involved in several WPs of the project including the collection of information on European railways graffiti prevention initiatives and best practices (WP2). On WP4, UIC is involved in demonstration activities and definition of end users’ needs and expectations for the rail sector. UIC also provides support to the dissemination (WP5) of results through the UIC members wide information network.

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Monday 31 March 2014