Harmonised Methodology for Infrastructure Lifetime Assessment

Start: 2017-01-1

End: 2018-12-31

Project code: 2017/RSF/546

Project director: Marc ANTONI

Project manager: DAVID RESUSTA

For the purposes of railway infrastructure asset management, the validity of techno-economic forecasts and studies on life cycle costs largely depends on the knowledge of deterioration processes of components or subsystems.

An appropriate modeling of the degradation of track component allows a deeper understanding of the factors governing their deterioration and provides the maintainer with essential tools to accurately predict the maintenance needs and costs and to optimize the maintenance policies accordingly.

UIC draws its strength from the information exchange capacity of its members and from sharing their experiences. However, while qualitative comparisons are simple and enlightening, quantitative data exchange often encounters differences in approach, references or methodologies.

The project aims at drawing up a harmonised methodology for formulating the ageing laws of track components, to come to a common understanding of the physical factors which determine these laws and to allow a more accurate prediction of maintenance needs.

This project will contribute to the “technical-economical asset management” theme of the Rail System Forum Strategy, and fits with the maintenance optimisation objective of the Rail Technical Strategy Europe.

This project paves the way for a future standardisation of modeling techniques of the deterioration processes of the railway system and components.

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Thursday 30 August 2018


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