Technical advice and assessment of European Railway noise policy and research

Start: 2014-01-1

End: 2016-12-31

Project code: P000392

Project director: Jerzy WISNIEWSKI

Project manager: Nicholas CRAVEN

The European Commission is under significant political pressure to take action against railway noise. As a result of this DG MOV and DG ENV are currently developing both regulation/policy proposals to reduce noise emissions from the rail sector. The legislative proposals are likely to have a significant impact on the sector, particularly for freight.
The Commission is also developing the scope of major research programs (eg Shift2Rail). The research programs present an important opportunity for technical development of low noise rail transport.
It is important that UIC, as the sectors technical body, provides input to these developments. This is required minimise negative impacts (eg costs), ensure that the proposals are proportionate, promote effective noise management & support growth of the freight sector.

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