Quality Management Systems Study Group

Who are we?

The Quality Management Systems Study Group is composed of experts on quality and management systems from European member companies.

What we do:

We provide expertise, support, advice and coaching. Through our network of national and international experts from railway companies, continuous exchange of best practice is ensured. A core team meets regularly to discuss and assess various new developments in quality, certification and management systems at international level.
We align our work with legal requirements and international standards such as ISO 9001:2015, etc.

Working structure

The study group has two main activities:

1. Regular study group meetings
The study group meets at least twice a year to exchange ideas and trends within the freight railway sector with regard to quality management systems.

2. Working group meetings
Working group meetings take place in accordance with the work programme as agreed by the study group. These meetings focus on specific topics such as integrated management systems, audit, etc.

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Guide produced by the UIC quality study group - Expert group on quality/management systems for the implementation of the EU Safety Directive 2004/49/EC as management system for railway companies


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