UIC Research and Innovation Regional Competence HUBs (RCHs)

The UIC R&I Regional Competence Hubs are stakeholder partnerships focused on developing goals and improving regional specialisms through research and innovation. This is all based on a defined massive transformative purpose (MTP), tailored to regional needs, capabilities, and ambitions. RCHs provide the following core values to all focus group partnerships in each UIC region: - Experience and knowledge of the railway sector’s capabilities in the region, thanks to UIC experts and UIC members participating in the RCH. These come especially from the Railway Operating Community, bringing infrastructure manager and railway operator expertise (UIC also funds the RCH) - Knowledge of the current situation in academic research and the ability to conduct effective research, thanks to a regional academic champion in the being involved in the RCH (academic institutes as RCH partners) - Creativity through collaboration with innovators and pioneers (innovators as RCH Partners) - Excellence in investment process management through partnerships with experts from the financial sector (stakeholders from the finance sector as RCH partners) Regional Competence Hubs are being progressively developed in all 6 UIC regions of operation: Africa, Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America, the Middle East, and Europe.

List of Regional Competence Hubs:

  • RCH Africa
  • RCH Asia and Pacific
  • RCH North America
  • RCH Latin America
  • RCH Middle-East
  • RCH Europe
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