Network of Quick Responders

The Network of Quick Responders is frequently used by the members of the UIC Security platform to receive a general overview about an arising security topic from other members within a short time.
The member questions about a specific topic will be circulated among the UIC security platform members and after around 3 weeks, they will receive a summary with a first general overview. Based on the member interest, further actions will be organized.
Since the beginning of 2017, 12 Network of Quick Responders surveys and follow-up activities have been realized.

The topics were divers and regards:

  • Awareness of radicalized employees
  • Use of Air Drones
  • Extremist religion related attacks
  • Attacks against maintenance staff
  • Anti-smoking policy at railway stations
  • Security of women in railway transport
  • Use of FFCCTV
  • Aggression against ticket inspectors
  • Mystery Customer
  • Use of AED’s
  • Use of body cameras
  • Security Organization
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