Wednesday 31 March 2021

18th UIC Covid-19 Task Force web-conference held on 30 March 2021

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The 18th meeting of the UIC Covid-19 Task Force was attended remotely on 30 March 2021 by around 40 participants from across the globe.

Marc Guigon, Chair of the Task Force, welcomed the participants and gave an overview of presentations to come, with a particular focus on train use for medical emergency scenarios, digital green certificates and rolling stock healthy challenges.

A series of interesting presentations were delivered by representatives from FS Italiane, CER, Alstom and the UIC Task Force.

The key themes of the presentations included:

  • Medical Emergency Train: Maria Cristina Fiorentino, Head of Relations with the Italian Civil Protection/Corporate Security Department, representing FS Italiane. Focus was on the use of trains for medical emergency scenarios.
  • Digital Green Certificates: Blaž Pongračič, Senior Policy Adviser Passenger, CER. Focus was on the European Commission’s strategy to reopen travel within the EU, ensure harmonised use of certificates and save the tourism sector.
  • Rolling Stock healthy challenges: James Willmott, Healthier Mobility Expert, Alstom. Under the theme of “Healthier Mobility”, the presentation gave an overview of how Alstom aims to provide a safer environment onboard trains and restore customer confidence through a global approach and a catalogue of solutions.
  • UIC New Normal Report: Marc Guigon, Passenger Department Director, Task Force Coordinator, UIC. The presentation focused on lessons learned by the railways during the pandemic, trends and time frame of the new normal, economic impact and future context.

A discussion was then held on how the railways can build the future following the pandemic and how they can adapt to the challenges of the new normal. Emphasis was placed on ensuring a coordinated, joined up approach. For the next steps, Members are encouraged to share their thoughts on recommendations for the new normal – either by writing to the UIC Task Force team or by posting in the UIC Extranet:

All guidance documents can be consulted on UIC’s dedicated Covid-19 webpage, which is regularly updated with the latest video, news articles, webinars and other audiovisual material:

As a reminder, the Task Force LinkedIn group is open to members. Feel free to join the group and share your thoughts:

The next Task Force web-conference is scheduled to take place on 27 April 2021. Members are asked to give details of their expectations of future meetings.

For any further questions or proposals for contributions to these Task Force meetings, please email:

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