Friday 8 December 2023

Annual Meeting of the Passenger Accounts and Ticketing Rules Inspection Committee (PATRIC) is held in Budapest

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The Annual Meeting of the Passenger Accounts and Ticketing Rules Inspection Committee (PATRIC) was held in Budapest on 30 November and 1 December 2023. The committee met to discuss crucial aspects of ticketing rules, accounts inspections, and related matters that impact domestic and international ticket distribution.

The domestic and international cross-distribution of tickets is governed by multilateral agreements outlined in UIC Leaflets 918-1, 918-2, 918-3, and 301, as well as the Special Conditions of International Carriage (SCIC) for different ticket types. Despite these agreements, transactions are not consistently supported by automated data exchanges with vendor systems. Consequently, accounts for specific ticket types rely on subsequent sales dataset uploads to international accounting systems, adhering to UIC Leaflet 301.

Carriers place trust in ticket issuers to accurately calculate and allocate revenue from ticket sales. They also depend on the relevant conditions of carriage being applied, accurate tariffs being implemented, and agreed-upon measures for revenue security being enforced. To ensure proper revenue distribution, PATRIC conducts intermittent audits in accordance with the regulatory framework defined in UIC Leaflet 120, considering the evolving competitive environment.

The PATRIC Steering Board, consisting of 12 auditors, conducted a retrospective review of the 2023 audits during the meeting. The outcomes of these audits will influence the Audit Plan for 2024, including the railways selected, the teams organised, and audit dates scheduled. They also addressed upcoming tariff changes in 2024, such as those related to bicycle sales, Swiss VAT, and other pertinent matters.

An update on OSDM Certification was provided during the meeting, highlighting the committee’s commitment to staying abreast of industry standards. The election results were also announced, with Pierre Watier from SNCF being elected as the new PATRIC Chair and Clemens Gantert from DB as the Vice-Chair.

Finally, PATRIC would like to extend an invitation to anyone wishing to join the audit team. Those interested are encouraged to contact the newly elected PATRIC Chair Pierre Watier at

for further information. Being part of the PATRIC audit team presents an opportunity to contribute to the integrity and efficiency of ticketing processes within the railway industry.

In 2024, PATRIC will run a training session in Bern to enhance the skills and expertise of its members. The 2024 Annual Meeting will be held in Utrecht, Netherlands.

For further information, please contact Cécile Gendrot at

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