Tuesday 14 February 2023

Apply an Integrated Approach to Railway Systems

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Are you interested in or working for the rail industry and would like to gain a deeper understanding of railway infrastructure and its operations from a broader systems perspective?

Rail professionals do not only need to master their own area of expertise to deal with projects, operations, and maintenance more efficiently, but familiarity with other specialisations is key to improving decision making and meeting the demands of all relevant stakeholders.

“This programme was a milestone in my career. My key aim was to understand rail systems from an engineering and operations point of view. The knowledge I acquired allowed me to make better-informed decisions in relation to railway planning, urban planning, and policy recommendations.” – Elias Abou Mrad (Senior Urban Planner and Project Manager)

Using an accessible and flexible way of learning, this practical series of career-oriented courses, developed jointly by leading researchers from the Delft University of Technology and industry experts, will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to improve your strategies and decision-making in the design, operations and performance of both infrastructure and rolling stock.

Applying a systems approach will also enable you and your organisation to make smarter choices when dealing with current or potential problems.

For more information or to enroll go to: tudelft.nl/rail-online

Online Programme: 4 career-oriented courses – Starting on March 1

  1. Track and Train Interaction - Download full syllabus
  2. Real Time Operations - Download full syllabus
  3. Performance over Time - Download full syllabus
  4. Capstone Project - Individually guided project that integrates the knowledge and skills gained from the first three courses.

With an on-demand and weekly workload of 4-5 hours, you can follow this programme wherever you are, alongside your job or studies.

If you need more information please contact Eduardo Landin e.landin@tudelft.nl

from TU Delft Online Learning.

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