Wednesday 23 June 2021

Customer Experience Management Platform (CEMP) workshop held online on 21 June

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More than 100 participants registered for a workshop on the Customer Experience Management Platform (CEMP) held on 21 June. Current strategies and solutions that operators and industry are working on to improve the customer experience and to prepare for potential future needs were examined during the four-hour session.

Topics discussed included the customer experience:

  • in stations and trains – NS expert Mark Van Hagen
  • in Japan – Miki Tamosada, Senior Manager at JR East
  • in the future Air+Rail multimodal system – Annika Paul, Coordinator of the European Modus project
  • in Luxembourg – Luce Drouet, UX Researcher
  • on long-distance services in Italy – Maximiliano Astrologo, Head of Customer Experience at Trenitralia
  • on regional trains in Normandy (France) – Luc Favre, SNCF TER Customer Experience Manager
  • on the metro system – Susana Palomino, Head of Marketing and Communications at Metro Bilbao
  • in rolling stock – Anne Bigard, Passenger Experience Director at Alstom France

Four dynamic breakout sessions were held during the final part of the event and focused on:

  • long-distance services
  • commuter and regional services
  • stations
  • rolling stock

Concluding the workshop, Jörg Ostwald, CEMP Chairman, Product, Services and Events, SBB Passenger Transport, Swiss Railways, remarked that customer experience is the ideal domain for developing and cooperating on long- and short-distance railway services. He also highlighted the importance of artificial intelligence using MaaS in providing relevant information for customers, a key finding from the breakout sessions. These points will be integrated into the ongoing benchmarking work being carried out as part of the CEMP project. The second part of the project is due to begin in 2022 and is now open to new UIC members.

For further information on the Customer Experience Management Platform, please contact Vanessa Perez, Senior Passenger Advisor:

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