Thursday 27 October 2022

Detailed program published: 6th edition of UIC World Congress on Rail Training (WCRT) from 30 November -2 December in Paris at UIC Headquarters

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The UIC is pleased to inform you that the 6th edition of the WCRT will be held from 30 November to 2 December 2022 in Paris at UIC Headquarters.

WCRT is a unique opportunity for the Rail companies HR and training communities, as well as academia, independent training and consulting organisations, and professional and training associations, to gather and discuss current issues in their field of activity. Based on statistics from previous editions, UIC WCRT is attended by an average of 200 participants from all continents representing between 35 and 40 countries.

For the first time since its inception in 2011, the Congress can be attended both physically at the UIC and remotely, online.

On-site attendance offers numerous opportunities to make connections, hold talks and exchange live opinions on the topics covered and further developments, visit technical sites, and participate in a gala dinner at Le Train Bleu, the iconic restaurant located in the Gare de Lyon.

Technical Visits

The opportunity to watch and ask questions online is reserved for those who will not be able to come but want to feel part of the global professional community, gather insights, and get in touch with new initiatives, thus extending the impact of the UIC activity in education and training.

For more information, please see attached the congress agenda or visit our website.

Congress Agenda

Do not miss this opportunity and join us!

There are several ways to be part of our community:

  • You can attend on site to get acquainted with best practices in rail HRM, training and education.
  • You can join us online if any travel restrictions prevent you from attending the congress in person. High-end technology will be applied at the congress to ensure your experience.


• You can become a partner or a sponsor and join colleagues from DB, FS and SNCF, our current official partners, or as a sponsor, with the Alstom Group

Partnerships & Sponsorships

All information is available on the WCRT official website:

For further information, please contact Meryem Belhaj-Clot, Deputy HR Director and Head of HR Development at

Or contact

We are looking forward to receiving you at the congress in Paris!

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