Monday 4 October 2021

High-level meeting at the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) held on 1 October

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A high-level meeting took place on 1 October at the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) premises in Valenciennes between ERA, represented by Josef Doppelbauer, a number of UIC representatives, in particular François Davenne and Marc Guigon, and Rail Net Europe (RNE), represented by Harald Reisinger (online). The parties signed the ERA-UIC-RNE agreement concerning company code and organisation code management.

On the basis of EVR Decision 2018/1614, ERA manages and allocates organisation codes. Any organisation accessing the European Vehicle Register or other ERA applications should have an organisation code. To ensure data quality and stability for rail sector stakeholders, UIC will transfer company code management to ERA on 31 December 2025 so that the company codes may be merged with organisation codes. UIC will retain responsibility for company code allocation outside of Europe. Both company and organisation codes will be then published in the Central Reference Files Database (CRD) maintained and hosted by RNE.

For further information, please contact Marc Guigon, UIC Passenger Director at

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