Tuesday 14 June 2022

Information from the Statistics Platform

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The Steering Committee of the Statistics Platform held its spring meeting on 31 May and 1 June 2022 at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof, on the premises of Deutsche Bahn.

The group worked on clarifying the definitions concerning tractive stock dedicated to operation vs shunting. It was also decided to revise the questionnaire concerning high-speed rolling stock. The data confidentiality of high-speed traffic data for some operators, and reciprocity in data sharing more generally were discussed.

The Committee assessed the importance of statistical nomenclature for goods transported according to the standard goods classification for transport statistics, abbreviated as NST-R. As NST-R considers the economic activity from which the goods originate, each of its items is strongly connected to an item of the European Union product and activity classifications “Classification of products by activity (CPA)” and “Statistical classification of economic activities (NACE)”, which themselves are consistent with their counterparts at UN level, CPC and ISIC.

The Committee addressed the importance of simplifying station classification by means of a new IRS in cooperation with the UIC Station Managers Global Group.

Indicators are an important part of activities. The Committee approved a report with data from 2020 and proposed some new ones.

UIC gave an update on current progress in the improvement of both the online data collection tool and Railisa.

FSI (Italy) presented its webservice and explained how UIC data published via Railisa was being used. A report was given by SŽCZ (Czech Republic) on the EC PRIME Subgroup KPIs & Benchmarking work programme and a recent OSJD meeting of statistics experts.

The next Steering Committee meeting will take place in Prague on 19 and 20 October 2022, hosted by SŽCZ. UIC members are invited to continue providing their data using our online tool: http://stats.uic.org/.

Please visit Railisa here: http://uic-stats.uic.org/, and report any comments you may have to stat@uic.org/


For any information concerning statistics at the UIC, please send an email to stat@uic.org

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