Friday 1 July 2022

Invitation to the Passenger Claims Department Conference

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This year we are celebrating the 120th anniversary of the International Rail Transport Committee (CIT) and the 100th anniversary of the International Union of Railways (UIC). Therefore, it is our great pleasure to invite the staff of the Claims, Sales, and Legal departments of these organisations to the Passenger Claims Department Conference which will be held in-person in Bern (Switzerland) on Wednesday 28 September 2022.

This year, the main topics of the conference are the new Passenger Rights Regulation and the Agreement concerning Journey Continuation.

In the first session, participants will receive an overview of the results of the revised PRR (Regulation (EU) 2021/782), analysis of the legal challenges arising from revising the regulation, and a talk on ticketing and claim’s handling in the context of the TAP-TSI revision. The final presentation will be on how PRR is being implemented in CIT’s products.

Different speakers from the railway sector will then demonstrate how they themselves are dealing with the implementation of the new PRR in their respective companies. This will allow participants to benefit from other companies’ best practice examples in this area.

The second session of the Conference will be dedicated to CIT’s Agreement concerning Journey Continuation (AJC), as this agreement is currently becoming more important at both industry and EU levels. During the first presentation, the audience will receive an explanation of what the AJC is and what its main principles are. In the following presentation, an example from a specific railway undertaking will be given to show how this agreement may be implemented.

Naturally, the highlight of the conference is the workshop, which this time will focus on issues regarding who is entitled to deal with claims, the continuation of a journey, and the challenges that arise from changes to passenger’s itinerary.

The conference is also a great networking opportunity, giving participants the chance to discuss unresolved issues or disputed cases.

The program and registration form for the Conference, which is restricted to CIT and UIC members, can be downloaded here. Please download the pdf before filling out the registration form.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this event: Jan Vavra from CIT jan.vavra@cit-rail.orggro.liar-tic:arvav.naj’)]

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