Wednesday 9 September 2020

Reorganisation of the UIC Rail station sector, call for interest

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In June, the UIC Station Managers Global Group (SMGG) – UIC Rail Station Sector – and its members took the strong decision to reshape the sector. The objective of this reorganisation is clear: define the frame of the station of the future, specifically after the deep impact of Covid-19.

Designing an effective station is not an easy task. Therefore to meet the expectations of the UIC members, the SMGG will be organised through two main bodies, the SMGG Plenary Commission where High-Level representative members will define the strategic axes for the following years about technical innovations, smart solutions, facility management, take important decisions and endorse projects. It will be accompanied by a steering committee in charge of preparing the Plenary Commission Meetings.

The second stratum will consist of four new working groups:

  • Station and Urban Design
  • Facility Management
  • Retail & Commercial Affairs
  • Small Stations

Along with this, the UIC Passenger Department and the UIC Fundamental Values created “Inclusive Station”, this network of experts deals with social, economic, security and societal issues directly with those involved in the urban fabric, including the railways, whose geographical area is defined by the influence area of railway stations.

In order to start this new sector version as soon as possible, UIC is looking for companies interested in being part of these different activities. The new working groups are obviously fully open to all members across the different regions and the Working Group meetings will begin as soon as the UIC members have expressed their interest in these activities.

If you have questions and/or if you want to express your interest in joining this sector, please contact Clément Gautier directly at

, UIC Project manager in charge of UIC station activities.

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