Wednesday 8 December 2021

North American Vice Chair elected

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Jeff Moller from the American Association of Railroads (AAR) was this week elected Vice Chair of the UIC North American region for a two-year mandate.

The UIC congratulates Jeff Moller on this new mission. Jeff Moller is particularly active within the UIC COVID-19 Task Force which was set up in March 2020.

He joins Barbara Barr, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Regional Chair, who was elected last December.

Priorities for the region include:

  • response to Covid-19 challenges
  • rail safety and use of new technologies
  • rail regulatory harmonisation where possible
  • promotion of freight and passenger rail usage
  • shared interest in rail to reduce carbon footprint and assist in climate change efforts
  • ensuring strong rail freight traffic continues throughout North America, including cross- border traffic (which has continued through the pandemic)

For further information, please contact Marie Plaud-Lombard, UIC Communications Director and Coordinator of the UIC North America Region at

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