Thursday 13 October 2022

Pre-Defined Messages for RUs receive an update from the XBORDER 3 Language Project experts

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Experts from the XBORDER 3 Language Project met in Paris on 6 October 2022, in order to enhance the list of pre-defined messages (PDMs) cross-border communication between RUs, in cases where the same language is not spoken.

The XBORDER 3 Language Project has been running since 2020 and continues the outstanding work carried out in the XBORDER and XBORDER 2 projects. XBORDER 3 has been overcoming language barriers by:

  • Realising an enhanced list of standardised/pre-defined messages based on real operational concepts allowing communication between RU drivers and IM traffic controllers in operational situations when working cross-border. The XBORDER 3 experts are working within the RNE Language Programme to create an IRS to publish a list of PDMs.
  • Providing continuous support to the Translate4Rail pilot test, providing consultation and insight into different areas such as risk analysis and safety, while defining guidelines to performing the pilot tests.
  • Having its experts work on defining quality criteria for translation with language tools, and on practical guidelines taking the lessons learnt from the pilot tests into account.

For further information, please contact Parinaz Bazeghi , Digital Project Manager at

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