Wednesday 31 March 2021

Presentation of the FRMCS project to the participants of RailTech 2021

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Jean-Michel Evanghelou, Deputy Director of UIC Rail System Department, Head of Telecom and Digital Applications presented the FRMCS project to the participants of RailTech 2021.

It was recalled on this occasion that to prepare for the advent of the digital train and to deal with GSM-R obsolescence, UIC and its members have begun designing the Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS). UIC has brought together key stakeholders from the railway community as part of an inclusive and collaborative process, enabling the key elements of the new system to be defined.

FRMCS is designed, first and foremost, to be able to support all of the applications that may be implemented within the scope of rail digitalisation. This is why we call it an “enabler”.

FRMCS must remain flexible over time so as to safeguard investment in the railways. For this reason, it will be included in global telecommunication standards, once these are published.

In this way FRCMS, designed for 5G, will remain compatible with future generations.

FRMCS will be a key driver for rail digitalisation. It will optimise infrastructure cost of ownership while improving levels of service quality for users, all within the context of complete interoperability. In addition it is opening the way towards the mobility of the future by breaking down barriers between transport modes and usage.

Jean-Michel Evanghelou mentioned that the actors of the FRMCS project are in a well-advanced phase. One of the main topics is now the transition.

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