Friday 5 November 2021

Rail Freight Forward digital platforms (RFF DP) connecting the dots in rail freight

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A game-changer for the rail freight industry, the Rail Freight Forward Digital Platforms are aimed at achieving a leap forward in international rail freight operations by providing a trusted digital ecosystem connecting key European rail freight partners by 2024.

The target status, consisting of eight digital solutions and four enablers, has been assessed by stakeholders from the rail freight community representing various railway undertakings, associations, end customers and logistics partners from 16 European countries.

Polling and survey results confirm that the development and European rollout of a digital platform for operational data exchange will have a positive business impact and is urgently required to support modal shift.

The recording of the latest webinar on this topic is available here (until 12 December 2021) and explains the user validation approach and latest insights and developments.

Agile implementation is the goal, and the stakeholders in the initiative are keen to involve a range of rail freight partners right from the beginning.

Let’s modal shift together!

If you are interested in participating in this European initiative, please contact

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