Friday 1 April 2022

Rail Freight Forward (RFF) addresses business needs in DCM/TTR infrastructure managers’ programmes

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The RFF coalition meets regularly to discuss progress and the need to implement Digital Capacity Management and Time Table Redesign (DCM/TTR). Under the RFF umbrella, the core team consisting of Rail Net Europe (RNE), Forum Train Europe (FTE) and UIC held a high-level meeting with the newly appointed RFF CEO sponsor Frédéric Delorme of Rail Logistics Europe and RNE’s president Paul Mazataud and vice-president Guus de Mol.

Fruitful discussions during the meeting led to a common understanding of the current bottlenecks and paved the way for the next steps in achieving a sound basis for TTR/DCM implementation as defined in the Joint Vision for the Sector on DCM.

For further information, please contact Martin Polák, RFF PMO at

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