Wednesday 23 February 2022

Rail Freight Forward (RFF) core CEOs welcome Bernard Gustin

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RFF Chairman Clemens Foerst (RCG) welcomed the new Executive Chairman of Lineas, Bernard Gustin, to the RFF core CEO group at its most recent CEO meeting on Monday. The morning’s RFF deep dive was twofold, focusing on digital automatic coupling (DAC) migration and RFF 2022 work priorities.

While the new Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (ER JU) logo was being unveiled during the European Railway Summit of the French Presidency of the Council of the EU, the RFF CEO meeting was attended by the European DAC Delivery Programme migration team and Manuel Alarcón Espinosa, who is in charge of freight innovation at ER JU. Key messages focused on DAC migration, as well as the cost-benefits studies currently underway. The outcomes of each study will be used to develop a business case at both EU and national level.

With regard to the RFF 2022 work programme, Sandra Géhénot, Freight Director (UIC), presented this year’s top priorities. The topic CEO sponsors were once again confirmed. Last but not least, opportunities for sector collaboration were discussed.

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