Friday 15 September 2023

Rail Sustainability index 2nd collection campaign – Input your data to make railway sustainability count

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There is still time to be part of this global benchmark for sustainable railways.

The 2nd Rail Sustainability index data collection campaign kicked off in July and will close on 30 September 2023

UIC members are invited to enter their sustainability achievements and contributions to seven key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. A simple list of 31 key performance indicators is collected and each member receives their own score and report.

Make it count!

As a UIC member, you are invited to input your data for the period from 2020 to 2022 through the Rail Sustainability index tool that you can access here, or by clicking the link ‘Your submission to the Rail Sustainability index’ in the box below.
Validate the data set by 30 September 2023 to be part of this annual benchmark and report.

What are the steps?

  • Ensure your company has a designated correspondent in charge of entering data and managing the write and read-only accesses of RSindex users within your company;
  • Create your user account for your company, using a professional email address only, clearly featuring your company domain name;
  • Select your company using the dropdown list of UIC member companies;
  • Or simply log into your account by using the email address and password you used in the previous campaign.

Thanks for taking part in this collaborative effort that enables railways around the world to materialise their good sustainability credentials.

Your submission to the Rail Sustainability index

Earn your score

Individual scores will be calculated and delivered to each company at the end of this year. Each Rail Sustainability index respondent company will receive the label corresponding to its score. UIC will communicate on aggregated sector scores only.

Recap and notes

1. Submission deadline: 30 September 2023.
2. We are aware that the Covid19 pandemic drastically impacted operations in 2020 and 2021 and we will therefore ensure that values are used together with appropriate arguments to highlight that they are the result of extraordinary conditions and that railways still contributed to the social effort during the Covid19 crisis.
3. If you have any issues with data collection (e.g. filling out forms, questions about the data, need for technical help with the online tool), feel free to contact us by replying to all. Our team will support you throughout the whole data collection process.
4. An FAQ and a user manual have been made available to help you with entering your data. Both documents are living documents and will be updated on an ongoing basis. They can be found by clicking the ‘Help’ tab.
5. Each page of the tool features guidance explaining what type of data is collected and on which sustainability standard it is based.

For further information and support, please contact the RSi team at

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