Monday 8 July 2024

Save the date: Safety webinar on “Resilient Railways”

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Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about and discuss how to strengthen the resilience of our railways against the growing threats posed by climate change at our webinar to be held online on 5 November 2024 from 14:00 to 17:00 CET.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humankind this century. Companies in regions which are naturally exposed could see a significant share of their capital destroyed if natural hazards and disasters materialise or increase, especially in the long run.

On the operational side, climate change will significantly increase the number of disruptions and breakdowns. Stronger and more frequent storms can affect infrastructure, heat waves can affect rolling stock, and strong and gusty winds can move train loads, not to mention other natural hazards, such as earthquakes and leaves on the tracks, which will increase braking distances.

All of these threats pose a challenge to railways safety and must be considered in the safety management systems of railway undertakings. For example, high temperatures will affect workers and passengers, with a decreased system reliability leading to a degradation in operations.

UIC is committed to improving the sector’s resilience to climate change and will lead a number of projects to this end. The webinar will focus on how to maintain performance in terms of safety when dealing with climate change and natural hazards.

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